Past Events

Alan Ryan event poster
September 18, 2013
Princeton University Constitution Day Lecture
Alan RyanLecturer with the Rank of Professor in Politics, Princeton University
Commentators: Peter BrooksSterling Professor of Comparative Literature Emeritus, Yale University and George KatebWilliam Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics Emeritus, Princeton University
Alan Ryan is currently Lecturer with Rank of Professor in the Department of Politics at Princeton University and Emeritus Professor of Political Thought at the University of Oxford....
Cosponsors: The Program in American Studies, The Program in Law and Public Affairs, The Office of the Provost
Reunions event poster
May 31, 2013
Annual Princeton University Reunions Event
Robert P. GeorgeMcCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and director of the James Madison Program; and Ted Cruz ‘92United States Senate (R-TX)
Ted Cruz ‘92 was elected as the 34th U.S. Senator from Texas in 2012.  In the Senate, he serves on the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation; the Committee on Armed...
Benghazi event poster
May 22, 2013
Michael DoranSenior Fellow, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings Institution; and Gabriel SchoenfeldSenior Fellow at the Hudson Institute Moderated by Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program, Princeton University
Michael S. Doran is the Roger Hertog Fellow in the Saban Center at the Brookings Institution.  By training he is an academic expert on the international politics of the Middle East,...
May conference 2013 poster
May 20, 2013 to May 21, 2013
The Annual James Madison Program May Conference
Keynote Address by Harvey C. MansfieldWilliam R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Government, Harvard University
Free societies are apt to have milestones in a way that other societies do not.  All societies experience change, and it is always possible to identify especially important moments in their histories...
Cosponsor: The Association for the Study of Free Institutions, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Clement event poster
May 10, 2013
An Alpheus T. Mason Lecture on Constitutional Law and Political Thought: The Quest for Freedom
Paul D. ClementPartner at Brancroft PLLC; 43rd Solicitor General of the United States; Advocate before the U. S. Supreme Court for 26 States in Their Challenge to the Affordable Care Act
Although the early years of the Roberts Court saw the Supreme Court focused on issues of individual liberty and separation of powers, the last two terms have brought issues of federalism to the fore...
Groseclose event poster
May 1, 2013
Stuart Lecture Series on Institutional Corruption in America
Tim GrosecloseMarvin Hoffenberg Chair of American Politics, University of California, Los Angeles 
Author of Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind (St. Martin's Griffin, 2012)
Professor Groseclose will discuss a way to measure quantitatively the slants of various news outlets.  He finds that nearly all mainstream news outlets have a liberal bias.  He estimates that the...
Alexander event poster
April 30, 2013
Lawrence A. AlexanderWarren Distinguished Professor of Law, University of San Diego School of Law
Author of Crime and Culpability: A Theory of Criminal Law (with Ferzan) (Cambridge University Press, 2009); Demystifying Legal Reasoning (with Sherwin) (Cambridge University Press, 2008); and Is There a Right of Freedom of Expression? (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
This lecture taxonomizes the various theories of American constitutional law on offer and looks at their implications critically. Larry Alexander is the Warren Distinguished...
Elshtain series poster
April 23, 2013 to April 25, 2013
Charles E. Test, M.D., Distinguished Lectures Series
Jean Bethke ElshtainLaura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics, University of Chicago
Author of Sovereignty: God, State, and Self (Basic Books, 2008); Just War Against Terror: The Burden of American Power In A Violent World (Basic Books, 2004); and (with Robert P. George) The Meaning of Marriage: Family, State, Market, And Morals (Spense, 2006)
Theology and politics make for a heady mix. This has always been so. Some have wanted to erase religion altogether from civic discourse; others want the language of civic life to be of a sacral...
Eberstadt event poster
March 14, 2013
Stuart Lecture Series on Institutional Corruption in America
Nicholas EberstadtHenry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute 
Author of A Nation of Takers: America's Entitlement Epidemic (Templeton Press, 2012); The North Korean Economy: Between Crisis and Catastrophe (Transaction Publishers, 2009); and The Poverty of "The Poverty Rate": Measure and Mismeasure of Material Deprivation in Modern America (AEI Press, 2008)
Outlays from U.S. government entitlement programs have risen nearly 100 fold over the past half century, from $24 billion in 1960 to nearly $2.4 trillion today. The explosive growth of entitlements...
Forbes event poster
March 10, 2013
An America’s Founding and Future Lecture
Steve Forbes '70Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media
Author of (with Elizabeth Ames) Freedom Manifesto: Why Free Markets Are Moral and Big Government Isn't (Crown Business, 2012); (with John Prevas) Power Ambition Glory: The Stunning Parallels Between Great Leaders of the Ancient World and Today…and the Lessons You Can Learn (Crown Business, 2009); and (with Elizabeth Ames) How Capitalism Will Save Us: Why Free People and Free Markets Are the Best Answer in Today's Economy (Crown Business, 2009)
Not since the 1930s and 70s have we seen so many countries simultaneously pursue such destructive economic policies.  If this trend is not reversed, the political and military consequences— not just...