Madison Scholars Honored for Civic Education by the Jack Miller Center

November 14, 2022

Each year, our friends at the Jack Miller Center for Teaching America's Founding Principles award the Excellence in Civic Education Award, honoring extraordinary teaching and student engagement at both the K-12 and collegiate level.

In 2022, the college civics award was awarded to two former postdoctoral fellows at the Madison Program:


2020-21 John and Daria Barry Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr. Jacob Wolf, Assistant Professor of Government and Honors at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia

This past spring, Dr. Wolf developed and taught a course on "The Exceptional Country" to help students "identify which ideals and institutions make America unique and uniquely admirable." The course featured readings from Alexis de Tocqueville, the Federalist Papers, and studies of American art and literature.


2017-­18 Forbes Postdoctoral Research Associate Dr. Deborah O'Malley, recently the Associate Director of the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Center at Assumption University and now the new Associate Director of the Center for Citizenship and Constitutional Government at the University of Notre Dame

While at the Moynihan Center, Dr. O'Malley led a Model Senate where students debated contemporary political issues. Students not only read primary texts of American political thought, but applied what they learned through the forum of debate, culminating in a debate about the Electoral College at the end of the school year.


You can find out more about the award and its recipients here.

Congratulations, Jacob and Debbie, on your achievement, and thank you for your continued contributions towards the Madison Program's goal of spreading American Ideals and Institutions to students!