In Memoriam: Imam Sohaib Sultan

April 18, 2021

The James Madison Program joins the entire Princeton community, especially our Muslim friends, in mourning the death of Imam Sohaib Sultan, our University’s Muslim Chaplain. Imam Sohaib was a beloved figure on our campus, one who was admired for his intelligence and kindness by people of all faiths and shades of belief. Professor Robert George, Director of the Madison Program, described Imam Sohaib as “a man of high principle, deep conviction, and great gentleness.” Professor George said, “Sohaib was a dear personal friend as well as a friend of our Program; indeed, he was a friend to all people of goodwill—and a dedicated servant of God.” The Madison Program conveys its deepest condolences to Imam Sohaib’s wife Arshe, their daughter Raddiya, and the entire family.

Photo: Imam Sohaib speaking at a James Madison Program event on understanding Islam in 2015. Credit: Tori Repp/Fotobuddy