Is Administrative Law Unlawful?

Stuart Lecture Series on Institutional Corruption in America

September 24, 2014
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Philip Hamburger '79Maurice & Hilda Friedman Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Professor Hamburger argues that administrative power revives absolute power. Whereas the Constitution established power through and under the law in a government of separated powers, administrative power restores the old danger of extralegal, supralegal, and consolidated power.

Philip Hamburger '79 is the Maurice and Hilda Friedman Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. He is a scholar of constitutional law and its history, and his publications include Separation of Church and State (Harvard, 2002), Law and Judicial Duty (Harvard, 2008), Is Administrative Law Unlawful? (Chicago, 2014), and numerous articles. Previously, he was the John P. Wilson Professor at the University of Chicago Law School. He also has taught at George Washington University Law School, Northwestern Law School, University of Virginia Law School, and the University of Connecticut Law School. He earned his BA from Princeton University and his JD from Yale Law School.



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