Politics, Theology, and the Limits of Ethics

April 10, 2015
Meilaender event poster

A Conference Celebrating the Work of Gilbert Meilaender *76, Senior Research Professor, Valparaiso University; Paul Ramsey Fellow, Center for Ethics and Culture, University of Notre Dame

For over three decades, the work of Gilbert Meilaender has been at the center of American theological and moral discussion. His writings have informed public policy, academic debate, and have gained a wide readership among non-specialists. Meilaender has made important contributions to contemporary debates about bioethics, human dignity, justice and the common good, and the place of religion in pluralistic societies. In the course of his work, he has been especially concerned about the nature and limits of moral reflection itself. Does human embodiment set limits on our understanding of what is right and good? How do religious beliefs about human destiny and the end of history set limits to our political aspirations and goals? Can ethics fully understand the deepest desires of the human heart?

To discuss these and other questions, the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions is hosting a conference, cosponsored by the Berkeley Institute, on the thought of one of the leading ethicists of our time. It will bring together a distinguished group of theologians, philosophers, and ethicists to revisit leading themes in his work.

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Politics, Theology, and the Limits of Ethics: Part 1

Politics, Theology, and the Limits of Ethics: Part 2

Politics, Theology, and the Limits of Ethics: Part 3

Politics, Theology, and the Limits of Ethics: Part 4


McCormick Hall 101

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