The Public Interest and the Making of American Public Policy: 1965-2005 - A Public Conference

November 30, 2006

Participants include: William B. Allen, William Bennett, James W. Ceaser, Eric Cohen, John J. DiIulio, Jr., William Galston, Robert P. George, Nathan Glazer, Kay Hymowitz, Ken I. Kersch, Irving Kristol, William Kristol, John B. Londregan, Harvey C. Mansfield, Wilfred McClay, Lawrence M. Mead, Ramesh Ponnuru ‘95, Diana Schaub, Roger Scruton, Irwin Stelzer, Joseph Viteritti, Murray Weidenbaum, Adam Wolfson, and more. See Conference Schedule for full list of panels and participants.

Scholars from across the country examine the impact of the journal The Public Interest on U.S. policy in a range of areas during the 40-year life of the publication. The Public Interest was founded in 1965 by Daniel Bell, Nathan Glazer, and Irving Kristol.  After providing the forum for publication of many influential ideas for economic, educational, and social policy reform, it ceased publication in 2005.  


Neoconservatism and the American Commonwealth

Social Policy and Urban Policy

The Character of American Capitalism


Manners, Morals and Modern America

Roundtable: The Public Interest


Computer Science 104