Each year the Program invites scholars with established records as well as scholars who have recently received their doctorates to apply for appointments as Visiting Fellows, Associate Research Scholars, and Postdoctoral Research Associates. Scholars in the James Madison Program pursue their own research and writing, participate in courses, seminars and colloquia, and contribute to the intellectual life of the Department of Politics and Princeton University.

Visiting Fellows

The James Madison Program invites college and university professors and other professionals with established records of scholarship to apply for appointments as Visiting Fellows for the academic year.  One-semester appointments are possible but not preferred.  Among the research fellowships offered are the…

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Early-career scholars without ongoing positions, who have recently received their Ph.D. degree, may apply for fully funded, 12-month Postdoctoral Research Associate appointments for the year, with the option of renewal for an additional academic year, contingent on good performance. Applicants are expected to be in…

James Madison Society

The James Madison Society is an international community of scholars whose research contributes significantly to civic education in institutions of higher learning. Upon completion of the fellowship year, Visiting Fellows and Postdoctoral Research Associates are inducted into the James Madison Society.