Former Madison Program Visiting Fellow Carson Holloway and Executive Director Brad Wilson Collaborate on Recently Published Collection, The Political Writings of Alexander Hamilton

Dec. 7, 2017

Congratulations to Carson Holloway, Professor of Political Science at University of Nebraska at Omaha and 2005-06 James Madison Program Visiting Fellow, and Bradford P. Wilson, Executive Director of the James Madison Program (pictured), co-editors of the recently published two volume collection, The Political Writings of Alexander Hamilton (Cambridge University Press, November 2017).

This comprehensive collection provides insight into the political ideas of one of America’s leading founders. Readers are introduced to Hamilton – in his own words – as defender of the American cause, as an early proponent of a stronger national government, as a founder of the American Constitution, as the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury, as a trusted foreign policy advisor, and as a leader of the Federalist Party. Presented in a convenient two volume set, this book provides a unique insight into the political ideas of one of America's leading founders; a must-have reference source.

Cambridge University Press offers 30% off the purchase of the set at their website with the code “hamilton17”.