Postdoctoral Research Associate Matthew Slaboch Delivers Lecture on "Political Slogans, Public Polling and the Idea of Progress" at American University

Feb. 14, 2018

Our Postdoctoral Research Associate, Matthew Slaboch, will deliver a lecture entitled "Political Slogans, Public Polling, and the Idea of Progress" at the Political Theory Institute, American University, on February 22, 2018.

From Ronald Reagan's declaration that "It's morning in America" to Barack Obama's promise of "Hope and Change," to Donald Trump's determination to "make America great again" political slogans generally invoke the idea that progress, if not always an unremitting good, is at least always possible. Dr. Matthew Slaboch, on the other hand, argues that political theorists should entertain the possibility that long-term, continued progress may be more fiction than reality. In his lecture, Dr. Slaboch will examine two twentieth century critics of progress, the Russian novelist and historian Alexander Solzhenitsyn and American historian and social critic Christopher Lasch.

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