Nasser Hussain

2022-23 Postdoctoral Research Associate; Lecturer in Politics at Princeton

Nasser Hussain is a Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer in Politics at Princeton University. A graduate of Harvard College, where he majored in government, Nasser received his Ph.D. in anthropology from Columbia University. At Princeton, he also serves as a Faculty Fellow at Yeh College and the Bloomberg Center for Access & Opportunity.

Nasser's doctoral dissertation, an immigration epic, engaged Alasdair MacIntyre’s virtue ethics in exploring the connection between faith and work in the building of a religious community. In this multigenerational research on identity and belonging, he examines the evolving ways in which immigrants and their offspring conceive of the good life as they encounter normative conceptions of mobility and success. His broader research lies at the intersection of religion, ethics and politics.

Nasser’s wide-ranging scholarly endeavors have received notable awards and distinctions. The Volvo Research & Educational Foundation sponsored his project on the disruptive potential of technology in the American urban landscape, especially in relation to community life, mobility and access. At Harvard, he received a South Asia Initiative research award for his study on social movements, while at Columbia his teaching excellence was acknowledged through a Kluge fellowship. He has received numerous research fellowships as a visiting scholar at the London School of Economics, the Earth Institute, the Kennedy School of Government and Chatham House, where he published a report on the politics of the European Union. A frequent contributor on topical issues in public discourse, his writings have appeared in a truly diverse array of publications, including First Things, The Guardian, Public Discourse, RealClearPolitics and the San Antonio Express-News. 

Beyond these academic pursuits, Nasser has worked in the British Parliament, a major international newspaper and a Fortune 500 company. A passionate educator, he has taught and mentored students across three continents. At Princeton, Nasser teaches his acclaimed freshman seminar, American Identity at a Crossroads? The course covers the most salient debates in contemporary American culture.