Rosemarie Monge

2022-23 Visiting Fellow; Associate Professor of Ethics and Business Law, St. Thomas University

Rosemarie Monge is an associate professor in the Department of Ethics and Business Law at St. Thomas University in Minnesota. Her expertise and instruction centers on themes surrounding business ethics, role of business in society, corporate social responsibility. Professor Monge has a PhD in Ethics and Legal Studies from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

She is the recipient of Best Practical Solutions Award 2022 from the Society for Business Ethics Annual Conference for the conference paper, “Everyday Business Ethics.” The paper pushes back against the idea that the market sphere is more permissive than everyday life and argues for greater emphasis on the role of everyday morality and mid-level theorizing in business ethics. At the Madison Program Professor Monge will work on articles that aim to flesh out the Everyday Business Ethics approach, including its application to the Robinhood Markets, Inc.’s 2021 scandal, its implications for the debate surrounding market commodification, and the role of markets in the approach.