Scott Hagan

2023-24 Visiting Research Collaborator

Scott A. Hagan received his Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University. He received his MA in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University.

After a lengthy career as a pastor and educator, Scott Hagan was named in 2017 as the 7th President of North Central University in Minneapolis, MN, where he served until 2023. Hagan currently serves as a distinguished board member for the William Seymour Institute in Boston. The Seymour Institute serves clergy, faith leaders, and scholars who explore issues confronting the Black church (and the greater church at large) with respect to religion, conscience, and faith. Current Seymour projects include launching the Black Church Commission on Bioethics, Human Life, and Marriage. The Seymour Institute played a key role in organizing the international symposium on marriage and the family hosted by the Vatican. Scott Hagan also serves on the Board of Scholars for the International Version Bible (ISV) which is currently under development. 

Through the Madison Program, Hagan is working on research that investigates the prosocial and antisocial imaginations in the United States when it comes to race and the effectiveness of governmental and religious institutions in meeting those demands.