Steele Brand

2022-23 Garwood Visiting Fellow; Associate Professor of History at The King's College

Steele Brand is an associate professor of History in the PPE Program at The King’s College. He teaches courses in history and political thought, spanning from the ancient Near East to the early modern period. He also taught military history classes at the University of Texas-Austin and is a former U.S. Army tactical intelligence officer. Brand received his PhD from Baylor University and his Master's in Theology from Southwestern Seminary.

Brand’s publications focus on republicanism, citizen armies, and statesmanship. His first book, Killing for the Republic: Citizen-Soldiers and the Roman Way of War, was published by Johns Hopkins University Press (2019). He has published articles in journals such as Humanitas and Religions. Interviews and popular versions of his work have appeared in The Washington PostUSA TodayThe HillFox News, and Time, among others. While on fellowship with the James Madison program, he will be completing a manuscript on the theory and early exemplars of Christian statesmanship.